South Dade Avian And Exotic Animal Medical Center - Heartless Avian Vet in Miami Florida only cares for making money

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I want everyone to know about the horrible experience I had at the Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center recently. My son and I were driving on a busy road in Miami, Florida and noticed an injured bird standing on the edge of the road. I put my and my son's life in danger by having him stand on the side so I can go and grab from the jaws of speeding cars this poor helpless bird (beautiful white dove) who was bleeding profusely from his chest and wing. I am lucky that I did not get hit by passing cars.

A few blocks down the same road I saw a police officer standing on the side and asked him if he knew of any vets that can help the bird. He told me there is a place called Avian and Exotic Animal Medical Center that apparently specializes in birds. When we got there I told the receptionist about what had happened, even showed the bird, but was told that the veterinarian WON'T help the bird. I begged, pleaded for several minutes and told her in tears the risk I had put myself and son through in order to help this innocent injured bird. She grabbed the bird in a rough and abrupt manner (mind you, the poor thing was injured and bleeding) and took her without saying anything else.

I waited thinking that the doctor (Dr. Don J. Harris) was examining the bird. I waited and waited, than after waiting some 15 more minutes without any word, I approached the receptionist and asked what was going on. She said that she did not have any authorization to help the poor bird (even put a cotton swab on the gash to stop the bleeding) unless I pay $75, then she would have the vet just "look" at the bird (i.e., not even do anything) otherwise they would just let the bird die. I was astonished and very disgusted and disappointed-- what on earth were they than doing with the injured and BLEEDING bird for all this time (put simply, nothing). I did not mind paying to help the bird, but not to someone who only cares about money.

I can't believe how uncaring and cold hearted this so-called Vet's office and his staff are. Doctors are supposed to have taken an oat to take care of the sick and the ill who are in desperate need of help. This vet, however, is solely in it for the money and only sees those clients that are able to pay a hefty fee. Everything should not be about money-- especially when it comes to a seriously injured and helpless animal. He cares less for the welfare of the animals than his pocket book. Whomever I tell this story to is horrified by this vet's lack of empathy or compassion. Luckily I was able to find another doctor who not only saw the bird for free but only charged me for the medication needed to help the bird-- unfortunately, due to all the delay and blood loss, I am not sure if this little bird will make it.

So, if you care at all about animals, please DO NOT support or use this vet to take care of any of your animals. Society should encourage those who have a heart, are compassionate and are not "in it" solely to get rich-- a few moments of time would have been all that was needed to help a God's helpless and injured creature. This Vet, however, only cares about making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Please share my story with your friends and family and be a voice for this poor white dove, which is a symbol of purity and peace.



Sick creep that assistant & doctor!

No heart...

Glad you found another doc.

Please give info. Of other bird or exotic animal doctor in Miami, Florida

So I can take my parrot there for beak trimming, thanks...

Hope the dove made it.

You and your son are two of the few that go the extra mile. Good job regardless

Brunswick, Ohio, United States #1019517

This is Animal and Avian Medical Center in Brunswick, Ohio. We have never had a Dr Harris on staff.

I do know their is another veterinary clinic with a similar name in Florida. Could that be the one you are referring to?

to AnimalAndAvian #1075668

No the vet being mentioned in this article is located in South Miami, FL. I had a similar experieimnce with the cold attitude of the staff and can't say the vet was much different.

My exotic animal was not some expensive import but a raccoon I rescued as a newborn who fell from his den. I dedicated many hours feeding and nurturing this creature.

I'm sure he was quite confused when he first opened his eyes and saw his 'mother' ... after this first encounter I found another vet to take care of my baby.

to Anonymous Coral Gables, Florida, United States #1261909

I had a similar experience at an Avian vet (So called ?) on the East side of US 1 in South Miami who charged me an extra $40.00 for an emergency call because my having to rent a car to get to his office only allowed me to get there at 5 PM which was his normal closing time.

He obviously was cold and uncaring and only cared about money and even insulted me as I was leaving saying go have fun or enjoy driving your rental car ! I do not remember what the medical problem was with my Cockatiel, It must have seemed quite serious to me, I do not rent cars and go to expensive veterinarians for no reason ! , But she survived (;^)


You are a WONDERFUL person may you AND your son be blessed and have nothing but love and prosperity for being so kind.


I agree with the exotic bird vet center. I just spoke to his secretary and was very sarcastly rude and had an urge to be using my difficult moment for her entertaing sarcastic ways.

It is the same doctor Dr.

Harris office which Aventura HOspital referrd me. now that I read your comment I need to be lookign else =where.

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eso es verdad ese dr solo quiere dinero

es buen dr pero solo $$$$$$$$ yo personalmente he estado alli y he visto como ha rechazado mas de uno si no pagan

si deberia tener mas corazon

Miami, Florida, United States #679520

Don't know what happened the day you were there, but that is NOT my experience. I have helped rehab wild birds for 20 years, and on numerous occasions I have sought Dr.

Harris' help with injured wildlife.

He has ALWAYS done everything he could, including orthopedic surgery, and has NEVER charged a dime. Something tells me you're not telling the whole story.


While it seems like your heart is in the right place I would NEVER NEVER NEVER risk my child at the side of a busy road for a bird. How on earth would you feel if something had happened?

If you choose to gamble on your own welfare that's your choice but your child looks to you for protection. I would be ashamed to even admit that I did something so ***.

Secondly injured wildlife can only be handled by people with certain licenses. Although some appropriately licensed vets may kindly CHOOSE to work with it for free you cannot just EXPECT that every Vet will be willing to take time/resources away from their other patients to deal with it for free.

They have a business to run too & if they took in every stray/injured animal that was bought to them their business would suffer. That is why there are wildlife centers.

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I work at a different animal clinic, however I take my bird to Dr. Harris.

First off, the receptionist does not have authority to touch any animal period. They are receptionists, not doctors. Secondly, Dr. Harris is the best avian doctor in Miami.

His knowledge of avian care and medicine is above and beyond. Unfortunately, most medical facilities have wait time, especially for walk-ins at a clinic that is not an emergency clinic. That's just how it is anywhere you go. Clients love to assume that the vets are evil and out for money, which isn't necessarily always incorrect, but they are so quick to judge when something doesn't go as expected.

That is the first thing we hear when people don't like something, "THAT VET IS EVIL AND ONLY WANTS YOUR MONEY AND KILLS ANIMALS!" I've heard it a million times.

Its unfortunate that you had to wait what was probably an exaggerated amount of time, because with that tone and level of anger, people make hyperboles of everything, but if you expect any clinic to stop what they are doing for animal that isn't even a pet, then you have the field all wrong. What you SHOULD have done was taken it to the wildlife center at the Museum of Science. Its free for you so you don't have to complain about money, and you simply drop it off and they tend to it immediately, meaning you don't have to wait more than the 5 minutes it takes to sign their form.

Best of all, it frees you from feeling compelled to tell dramatic tales of almost getting hit by cars to an audience that, for the most part, finds your story to be ***.

to Veterinary Technician #835177

I was going to take my birds to that clinic but after the review I won't. Not all docs would not stop like u said .

My sisters dog was siiously I'll and the vet was very quick in examine the dog. Her old dog was dying and he suggested to ease the painful death , to put the animal to sleep . She told the vet she didn't had money to pay(she had lost her job at that time) and he was so humane that still did it for free .true or not the review about avian clinic . I wouldn't risk taking my birds there .

Animals feel just like us. And birds are not taken seriously sometimes by vets .

It shouldn't be that way. :(

Bakersfield, California, United States #617621

P.S. I don't mean that your story is total ***. I was referring to the horrible vet you speak of.

Bakersfield, California, United States #617618

That is total ***. I found a pidgeon with a BB gunshot wound in its wing and took it to a local vet, and they took care of it, FREE OF CHARGE, and then set it free after it healed. Another time I found an abandoned baby bird and brought it to a local zoo/conservation society, and they took it in without any problem at all.


Seems most docs are like that. First you pay your dime and then you take your chances as the old saying goes.

That being said, laws of the day won't let regular Vets take care of wild birds. I had a similar problem and couldn't even get advice on how to care for the dove myself because, without a certain kind of license, nobody is even allowed to take care of injured wildlife.


Thanks for caring for the bird.

Yes, you can't save them all - you can't save all bird, you can't save all human-beings. But for the one that you do try, you make a difference. Thank you!

I wish you would share the name of the good vet!


My children and I just witnessed a woman dump a Finch bird in front of the pet store after one of its employees refused to accept it as a return. We brought it home, and after doing a little reserach I figure the bird is sick.

Can you tell me name of the nice vet that helped you? Thanks.


Are you even a vegetarian? Next time stomp the bird's head and be done with it. Maybe you could even donate the meat to a homeless shelter.

to Randy Guthrie Miramar, Florida, United States #656272



The Miami Science Museum has a wildlife rehabilitation center for injured wildlife. They are open 7 days a week and are dedicated to helping wildlife, just like the one you found on the side of the road.

They are a not-for-profit organization, so they don't charge any thing. They are there to help. Of course, I've always dropped some dollars in their donation box. I have taken many injured and baby animals, mostly birds, there, and have been relieved knowing the poor unfortunate animal will get good care.

Yes, I'm the same way you are....I'd stop traffic to help an animal that was unable to help himself....especially since we, people, probably caused the injury to begin with!

I applaud your good deed. Good for you!


I think you did the right thing for trying to save this helpless bird and letting us know about it. Although what you did was dangerous I totally understand the reason why you did it.

Life is precious no matter if it's a life of a human or an animal. We are all god's creatures and need to reach out and do what we can to help.

I also think the vet should have at least looked at the bird.

God Bless you and everyone who are as kind as courageous as you are.


Thank you for the effort you and your son put in to helping this bird. I can understand your frustration.

I work for a vet, and it's not uncommon for us to have wildlife brought to us on many occasion that are wounded. Although we have to follow the guidelines of the wildlife commission, there are some things that we are able to do to help the wounded or dying. If the injuries are not reparable, we can humanely euthanize the animal(we don't charge anyone for that.) In addition, we will sometimes contact local wildlife rehabilitators and manage the injuries until someone can come and pick the animal up(once again free of charge).

I'm not quite sure what the laws are like in Florida, but I don't think charging you $75 is appropriate for your good deed.

The least they could have done is get you in contact with someone who knew what to do with the injured animal.


I cant beleive your stupidity!! You put your life, and most importantly, your son's life is danger for a bird on the side of the road!!

Thousands of birds out in the world are injured and/or killed every day, and you risk lives for it!

Did you really think a vet would treat the bird for free?? Why are you so ***??

to wtf #1075695

Dear WTF- my daughter is a naturalist with the county parks and rec. One day I was following her to a local restuarant for lunch driving on a major busy highway.

To my confusion she and the truck driving next to her stopped in the middle in the block. She then got out of her vehicle as she was taking off her jacket and bent down where I could not see her from my vantage point. After a very long minute she stood up with something covered in her jacket. The person in the truck that also stopped honked and gave her a thumbs up.

Apparently she and the truck driver both saw this bird fall straight down out of the sky landing in front of her car. With the sea gull wrapped in her jacket she got back in the car. I called her and asked if she wanted me to park my car at the restaurant to hold the bird and ride with her.

I knew she was going to the Wildlife Care center. Without compassionate individuals in our ever developing world our wild life would be disappearing faster than it already is.

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